The admission form must be completed fully and accurately by the student’s parents.All relevant information must be declared including details of any disciplinary, social, physical, medical or psychological problems.

Copies of relevant medical and educational psychologist’s reports should be attached to the admission form. All prospective students wishing to register and enroll at JWA must adhere to the strict admission policy.

It is the policy of the school to selectively admit any student who completely fills all the application information along with all necessary documents for registration and successfully passes the entrance examination and interview. As a prerequisite step for the interview and placement test, all applications and their required documents must be received and approved by the school Registrar’s Office. All decisions for admission and placement will be made strictly in the best interest of the applicant; therefore the school reserves the right to deny testing or placement.

The school’s Registrar’s Office will review the prospective student’s application, transcripts and report cards for the past three years from previous schools to determine if the student is eligible for JWA placement exam. Once the Registrar’s Office has reviewed the applicant’s file and approved eligibility for testing, a standardized admission and placement exam will be administered. Prospective students must successfully pass the entrance exam and achieve grade level scores to be considered for placement. Placement exam are kept in the candidate’s file and will be administered under the supervision of assigned teachers. A candidate who fails a placement test may take the test once more if approved by the School Director. If the candidate fails the test again, the School Director will review the situation and take appropriate action.

It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the registrar about any special educational needs and difficulties, which their child may have at the time of admission. The registrar depending on placement tests results could accept a student on conditional basis depending on:
– Need of remedial English/Arabic classes.
– Need of help and follow-up at home in specific subjects.

Students who are suspected of requiring special educational needs which cannot be provided by the school may be asked to provide assessment information from independent professional evaluation centers prior to making a decision for eligibility for admission and placement testing. Based upon the placement test result, the school reserves the right to offer various options such as acceptance, denial of admission or acceptance to a lower level.

Priority for admission will be given to current re-enrolling students and their siblings. Students requesting to register after the closing date of general registration will be placed on a first come, first served basis. Once classes are full, prospective applicants will be placed on a waiting list, which does not guarantee placement.

Akademiat Aalam Jeddah International School

requires the applicant’s records from his/her previous school before being accepted. JWA reserves the right to contact the applicant’s previous school prior to acceptance.

Ideal Time to Apply:

The ideal time to start the application process is March of every academic year. Entrance exams will take place in the same month. Places for September are usually finalized by June or as soon as all vacant seats are booked.

Needed Documents:

All forms must be completely filled and submitted to the school.

No steps will be taken until all the required documentation has been finalized.

The following documents should be submitted with the application form:

1- Official Transcripts (School Reports) of the last three years of school certified by the Ministry of Education.

2-Student Application Form completely filled-up.

3- Four (4) passport size photos (upgraded annually).

4- A copy of student’s passport.

5- A copy of the student’s birth certificate.

6- A copy of the student’s ID card or residence permit (Iqama)

7- Completed Student Health Record (signed by the doctor).

8- A copy of parents’/guardians’ Iqama.

9- A copy of parents’/ guardians’ passports. (for Non-Saudis)

10- Copy of the vaccination card.

The completion and return of the application form is the first step in the admission application process.

Kindergarten Section

KG 1           3yrs,   by September 1st

KG 2           4yrs,    by September 1st

KG 3           5yrs,    by September 1st

Elementary School

Grade 1           6yrs,   by September 1st
Grade 2           7yrs,   by September 1st
Grade 3           8yrs,   by September 1st
Grade 4           9yrs,    by September 1st
Grade 5           10yrs,   by September 1st

The ages mentioned are according to the specific grade levels. Please note that no exceptions will be made under any circumstances, except for those  permitted by the Ministry of Education via exception memos.


Parents are requested to inform the school during the pre-registration process for the next year of their intent to withdraw their son/daughter or not. An annual (Registration Intent Form) will be sent to parents every February once in an academic year in order to fill out whether they will register their child for the coming year or not. If you wish to withdraw your child during the school year, the following procedure has to be followed:

In order to accommodate JWA’s transient student population, parents must notify the registrar at least one month in advance. Parents have to fill (JWA Withdrawal Form) taken from the Registrar’s office and then return it back to the Registrar’s Office at least one month prior to the date of withdrawal. The Registrar’s Office will check whether the student has any pending financial issues. The school will prorate tuition fees for them in case they leave before the end of a semester as follows:

– No tuition fees will be refunded in case of student withdrawal during the first or second semester.
– Incase the student has paid the full tuition fees at the beginning of the academic year and he/she has to withdrawal before the beginning of the second semester; only the second semester fees will be refunded. (Review the Fees Payments Table)

Exit/transfer documents will not be released until the student has completed the checkout process and has returned all the school’s belongings. All tuition fees, plus any other fees, will have to be paid in full before exit documents are issued to the parents.

*Please note that if a student is withdrawn during the second semester, full annual fees must be paid.

Late Admissions: 

A student may be admitted to JWA only if:

1- The student is transferring from outside Jeddah.
2- The student took approval from the Ministry of Education.
3- Places are available.

During the second term of an academic year, admissions take place only during the first 2 weeks of the term. No students will be admitted after that time.


Financial Policy of Jeddah World Academy

  • Seat reservation fee is 3000 SR (nonrefundable), and it shall be deducted from the tuition fees of the new academic year.
  • The deadline of paying the first installment is a month before the beginning of the first semester.
  • The first installment can be refunded one month prior to the first semester.
  • The deadline of paying the second installment is a month before the beginning of the second semester.
  • The tuition fees of the second semester can be refunded one month prior to the second semester.
  • If the tuition fees are not paid on time, or if the student’s official documents are incomplete, students won’t receive their books or report cards accordingly.
  • Students will use their English Reading books at school and the online versions of them at home. Student’s books are to be submitted in a good condition; otherwise, they will pay for them.
  • Students will use the same books of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry subjects in grades 9 to 12, so they will receive these books only once. Student’s book are to be submitted in a good condition; otherwise, they will pay for them.
  • The extra school uniform costs 260 SR, and the extra sports uniform costs 160 SR (including VAT)
  • For new students, the following will be applied:
    • Sitting for Entrance exam will cost 300 SR (nonrefundable) in addition to the VAT for Non-Saudis
    • Registration fees will cost 1000 SR (nonrefundable) in addition to the VAT for Non-Saudis
  • The VAT of 15% will be applied on the total tuition fees for Non-Saudis.
    The VAT of 15% will be applied on the extra services provided by the school for all students, (Saudis and Non-Saudis).
  • Payments could be done either through cash or bank transfer, only to British Bank, on the account no. SA0745000000258039999001. Please note that the school doesn’t accept checks.
  • Payments can be done via the credit cards with a 2.5% deduction taken from the value of the paid amount. including the bank fees.

Only students with a zero balance will be allowed to re-enroll for the next academic year.

N.B: The student may lose his/her seat for the coming academic year if the re-enrollment fees are not paid on time.