We in Jeddah World Academy believe in the importance of the school library and not only providing school books, but also presenting cultural events and activities that the students need beside their school books.

We have three major parts of our school libraries:

The school library is an essential element in improving our teachers and students as well. It is equipped to provide educational services to all the people inside our school

so everyone can go to the school library and search for any information he/ she wants.

1 – KG section

2 – Elementary section

3 – Intermediate section

4 – High section

We equip our school library with books and e-books to achieve these goals:

1. To make our next generations educated, conscious and capable of developing and improving their society.
2. To encourage students to love reading and to develop a passion for science and knowledge.
3. To help provide educational and cultural activities.
4. To help students improve their academic skills and their ability to succeed in self- learning.


According to scientists, the most stable information that stays in the student's mind is the information that he/ she searches for him/ herself. Therefore, we are eager to provide several educational strategies to help develop and improve our student's abilities and skills by surfing the internet. It is very useful to teach the students how to search for information he/ she needs in a way that helps him/ her to keep up with the information and intellectual revolution in this stage. In addition, we provide educational movies to give students information that is documented by sound and image to be more understandable.