The current research proves that technology is a very essential element in the educational process. Digital learning provides unique methods and suitable solutions to fit the student's needs in any educational level. This is because students have different educational backgrounds and varying speeds and abilities of learning. We, in Jeddah World Academy, adopt blended learning which combines traditional and digital learning. We also use different modern technology devices to support our teachers and students ; such as smart boards, distance education platforms, science labs , computer labs and school libraries. Our technology devices serve not only our students but also our school society as a whole.

Parents will enjoy the services and advantages of the technology that the school provides in terms of speed, variety, and effectiveness of the means of communication with the school. They will also be constantly informed of the academic level, challenges and opportunities facing the student at any time of the school year. It will also allow parents to review lessons and re-explain from home through the service that the school provides to students who are unable to attend school due to circumstances outside the control of the student and the parents.