JWA canteen works with the school to provide nutritious meals for our students. Therefore, only healthy choices are available in our canteen. Soft drinks, chewing gum, chocolate, candy, and fried food are not sold to students. It is important that families also discuss and promote healthy choices and balanced eating habits.
School canteens are open from 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. and during break time only. Students are not allowed to purchase any food or water from the canteen during class time, including P.E. lessons.

Teachers on duty will line up students and avoid congestion during break time. Selling food will stop 5 minutes before break dismissal time.

If parents choose to send food with their children, please provide them with healthy food at break times in a suitable container marked with their name. All kinds of eggs, tuna sandwiches, soft drinks, chewing gum, chocolate, candy and fried food are not allowed. Also provide healthy drinks in containers other than glass, which can be dangerous.

Students don’t have to leave their classes to drink water, as they are allowed to drink water inside their classes and during lessons. Therefore, please make sure that they have plastic water bottle.


A full –time school nurse runs the school clinic. Her work focuses on preventive, curative and educative matters.

• The preventive aspect involves keeping and updating a file for each student. Parents are required to fill a health status update at the start of each school year.

• The curative aspect involves taking care of illness and accidents, Sick students are reported to the clinic for treatment. The nurse checks the files for allergies etc. before deciding on appropriate care. If the student is sick and needs further treatment, the parents are contacted immediately for further measures. In case of a minor accident, the parents are notified either on the phone and or by a memo describing what happened and the measures taken. Major accidents that require hospitalization are dealt with depending on the seriousness of the situation. Parents are notified at once and asked to accompany their child to the hospital for treatment. If the accident is so serious that student requires immediate hospitalization, JWA personal will accompany student to the hospital and the parents are asked to meet them there.

• Besides the preventive and curative measures, the clinic offers an educative aspect. The nurse is involved in class visitations, assemblies on hygiene, health issues etc. and on disseminating information on current health practices.


JWA Social Worker is dedicated to providing academic, social and emotional guidance to our students and their families. Our goal is to assist in the development of the whole child so that our students can effectively meet the academic, social and emotional challenges that they are faced with every day.

The counseling process may include:

• Formal and informal observations.
• Formal and informal interviews with students, parents and teachers.
• Child study Team Meetings.
• Recommendation and referral for outside testing.

Students may be referred to the Social Worker by teachers, parents, administration and other school personnel, or they may come to see the Social Worker on their own. Upon referral, the Social Worker will assess the needs of the students and take whatever action is deemed necessary. Social Worker may organize and facilitate Child Study Team meeting and will coordinate follow-up on any recommended action.

The Social Worker may contact parents to request their involvement in the process and / or inform them of the action being taken to meet their child’s needs. If the need for further measurement or assessment is determined, a recommendation will be discussed with parents and the Social Worker will prepare the necessary documentation for referral.
The counseling experience is intended to be a positive one. Helping students to establish good behavior patterns is an important objective of our school. Teachers and administrators will handle the initial stages of the discipline process. Social Worker may intervene when necessary with a focus on promoting acceptable behavior.
With your support, Social Workers at JWA will meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our students while helping to build strong bonds of respect, cooperation and communication between teachers, administrators, students and parents.


Computer and science labs are to be visited accompanied by teachers. The science lab contains delicate equipment, so please be careful while using them. You are to replace any damage tools.
A state- of – the- art natural science lab enhances hands on activities for all science students. The computers in the computer lab exist for academic purpose only. No games are permitted during the lesson. The computer program is used as a link to the integration of all academic programs.


Each student is responsible for his/her library book that is checked out. One book at time is to be borrowed. A student has to pay for a damaged or unreturned book. Since we are committed to having our students prepared to be information seekers of the twenty-first century, we encourage research and computer use.
The library is a place to read and research. You must respect library rules. Books should be treated with care. If you need any assistance on a certain matter, do not hesitate to ask the librarian. No talking is permitted in the library.


Lost and found boxes are located in all departments in the school. Valuable, fragile items or money are held at the Floor Supervisors’ offices. After three months, items will be discarded and the money given to charity. Students who lose something of value should report it immediately to their Floor Supervisor. In order to keep lost items to a minimum, please make sure that all your child’s belongings are clearly labeled with your child’s name and class.