The school uniform is the pride of every learner and it must therefore, always be clean. Students are requested to wear the school’s uniform daily with long pants. Shorts or Bermudas are not allowed. Students are also required to wear reasonable footwear. No sandals, crocs, or slippers are permitted; students must always wear closed shoes (preferably black) with white socks.

The sport uniform should be worn during the P.E. sessions, and students should come to school wearing that uniform. P.E. uniforms and the school’s official uniforms are available at the school. For a larger size, which is not available at the school, students may wear solid black gym pants with a solid white shirt.

All students are required to wear the school uniform unless the school authorizes special “non-uniform” days. School girls in Grade 4 and 5 are required to wear abayas and head veils upon entering and leaving the school premises as instructed by the Ministry of Education.

Students who are not wearing school’s uniform will be dealt with in the following manner:

Step 1-Teacher’s notice in the agenda.
Step 2- The School will call at home; reminder letter will be sent to parent that student is not in uniform.
Step 3- Parent conference with supervisor.


Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance. The Floor Supervisors check the students’ hair and nails weekly. Hair must be neat and clean. Girls’ hair must be tide at all times and must not block their vision. Boys’ hair should be short and neat. Long hair styles are strictly forbidden for boys. Unusual hairstyles are not permitted at an educational institution. Students will immediately be sent home and may only return to school once the hair conforms to the school’s policy.

No make –up is allowed and nail polish is prohibited. Nails need to be cut and kept clean constantly.


No valuable items (expensive watches, necklaces, rings, etc.) should be worn in school. Students should leave their valuable items at home; these include iPods, iPads, mp3s, electronic games, large sums of money, etc.

Regarding jewelry, girls may only wear one stud pear ear, and boys are not permitted to wear earrings at all. Both boys and girls may wear a wristwatch.         No necklaces, anklets, or bracelets are allowed to be worn by students. No facial jewelry should be worn, other than the aforementioned ear stud.

Mobile phones are strictly forbidden at school. If a student brings any mobile with him/her to school, he/she will be given a warning letter and the phone will be confiscated and returned after a period of time depending on the repetition of the situation. In case of an emergency, students may call their parents from the Administration.