Sport Activities

We, in Jeddah World Academy, are eager to update our physical education (P.E) programmers, so we develop and evaluate these programmers to fulfill the needs, tendencies and wishes of our students. School sports competitions are being organized by the school’s administration and the P.E section annually. These competitions are extremely important in the educational, scientific, psychological and health aspects. They are considered complementary, and applied extension to the P.E lessons. We hold these competitions to achieve many goals. First, to maintain our belief, mission and sincerity for sports. Second, for good management of educational and competitive experiences within the scope of education to instill social values in the hearts of students. Third, for developing good social qualities such as cooperation, commitment, self-confidence, courage, willpower, patience and endurance. In addition, to gain healthy habits and good athletic body. Finally, for discovering talents and highlighting them for civic sport, and for filling leisure time with various beneficial sports activities.